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Tallaght Tree Trail in Sean Walsh Park

In 2018 South Dublin County Council introduced a native Irish tree trail into Tallaght's Green Flag park, Sean Walsh Park. The tree trail was an initiative by Tallaght local, and environmental activist, Gar Tyrrell. His relentless determination and tireless creative efforts led to the tree trail launch in October 2018.

This tree trail comprises 15 varieties of specimen trees that are signposted individually. The trail starts at the Old Bawn entrance near Tallaght Village. Here you will find a stunning Willow that is most dramatic when it is in full leaf. Follow the trail by walking in a line parallel to the N81 to a little way past the foot bridge that leads to the Square shopping centre. Along the trail you will encounter a Birch, Hazel, Alder, Holly, Mountain Ash, Hickory, and a Bird Cherry.

Head down the slope in the direction of Old Bawn Community School. Along this stretch of the Tallaght tree trail you will come across an Elder, an Apple Tree, an Aspen, and an Ash tree. The latter has long been used to make hurling sticks for sportsmen throughout the country. At the bottom of the slope you will find a Yew

The last leg of the tree trail runs parallel to the park's Whitestown Stream. Taking the rough path on the left hand side of the stream you will first find a specimen of Scot's Pine. After taking time to get familiar with this species of Pine proceed further along the tree trail towards the next red bridge. Not too far from this bridge you will happen upon the last tree on the trail, a classic Oak tree.

The latest tree trail in Tallaght is relatively short and compact but please take your time to get familiar with the individual trees. Also take a moment to take in the natural beauty of the wide variety of other flora and fauna that is contained within Tallaght's first Green Flag Park.

For further information please visit the Tallaght Tree Trail website here you will be able to download and print out a copy of the tree trail map and you can also download information sheets about the individual trees to be found on the trail.

Tallaght Tree Trial in Sean Walsh Park

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