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Tallaght Litter Mug Clean-up Safety Notice

Before you turn up for the next Litter Mug clean-up event please take a little time to read this safety notice carefully.

Always wear gloves and wear robust footwear

Cover any cuts or abrasions with waterproof plasters

Avoid touching your mouth and face until you have washed your hands after the clean-up

Use a ‘buddy’ system. Avoid working alone and never work in water unless someone else is nearby. Let someone know when you leave the clean-up

Do not overfill bags and carry them from the top. Filling bags half-way is OK

Do not attempt to lift heavy items. Ask for assistance if you believe that any object may be too heavy to lift alone

Do not risk falling from a height or into water

Do not enter water unless you are competent and it is safe to do so

Do not attempt to gain access to areas that pose significant difficulty

Report any incident or accident to another member of the team

All children must work with adult supervision at all times

Weil’s disease is transmitted in the urine of wild animals. If you develop flu-like symptoms after the clean-up seek professional medical advice

Do not touch broken glass, syringes, or any sharp objects

Try to avoid damaging vegetation or avoid disturbing birds and other wildlife

Do not fill the bags to the top. Leave enough space so that they can be easily tied.

And most important of all … Enjoy yourself!

You can also find details about our next Sean Walsh Park clean-up.


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