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Green Flag for Sean Walsh Memorial Park

Arial view of Sean Walsh Memorial Park
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One of the objectives of the Tallaght Community Council is to achieve Green Flag status for Sean Walsh Memorial Park. This would be a first for the South Dublin County Council parks.

The Green Flag Award scheme is the benchmark standard for parks and green spaces. It aims to recognise and reward the best green spaces and encourage high environmental standards.

A site flying a Green Flag is a high quality green space. The Green Flag is a sign that the area you are visiting is managed to high standards, which have been independently verified.

Awards are given on an annual basis and winners must apply each year to renew their Green Flag status.

For Sean Walsh Memorial Park to qualify as a Green Flag park The folowing critera must be met :

1. A welcoming place
When approaching the park, the overall impression should be positive and inviting. There should be good and safe access and good signage to and in the park

2. Healthy, safe and secure
The park must be a safe and secure place . Equipment and facilities must be safe to use

3. Clean and well maintained
The park should be clean, well maintained and free from litter and vandalism

4. Sustainability
Methods used in maintaining the park should be environmentally friendly as far as possible. Parks should: a) minimise and justify pesticide use, b) eliminate horticultural peat use, c) recycle waste plant material.

5. Conservation and heritage
Particular attention should be paid to the conservation and management of Natural features, wildlife and fauna, Landscapes and built features.

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6. Community involvement

The park should actively involve members of the community as far as possible. There should be evidence of community involvement within the park and recreational facilities provided for all sectors of the community.

7. Marketing
A marketing strategy should be in place. There should be good provision of information to users, e.g. about, activities, features, ways to get involved. The park/green space should be promoted as a community resource.

8. Management
A management plan or strategy should be in place to address the previous seevn criteria.

The plan must be actively implemented and regularly reviewed.

Unfortunately some parts of this wonderful park is plagued by large amounts of rubbish and litter and this will ensure that any appication for Green Flag status will certainly fail. Our group of hard-working Litter Mugs meet once per month to conduct an extensive clean up of the walking areas, green spaces, and the water ways.

We are always looking for new volunteers to give a helping hand, which will help us to meet criteria 6 above. If you wish to volunteer just email us or follow this link to get details of  the next Sean Walsh Park clean-up.

The Sensory Park in Sean Walsh Park Red bridge in Sean Walsh Park
How To Find Sean Walsh Park in Tallaght


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