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Tallaght Flag

The Tallaght Flag, or the Unity Flag, came into existence in 2017 following a project on local citizenship initiated by Tallaght Youth Theatre in 2007. This project resulted in the colours of red, green and white being chosen as symbolic of the Tallaght area. The initial rendering of a bend sinister flag only sported a red field with a white bend, though its similarity to the internationally recognised Diver Down flag meant that it had to be changed. Green was added to the field and red was instead placed in the bend and this version was called An Bhratach Fulaingt (The Suffering Flag). 

This basic version was augmented after two online surveys showed that blue was also a colour favoured by Tallaght people. The blue was included in the form of two triangular formations comprised of six eight-pointed mullets (stars), which derived from the flag captured during the Battle of Tallaght in 1867. That design was called An Bratach Seasmhacht (The Endurance Flag) and it occasionally featured the arms of South Dublin County in the centre of the bend.

The flag continued to develop and a final version, An Bratach Aontacht Thamlachta, will be launched by Tallaght Historical Society in May 2017. Tallaght Community Council have also adopted the flag and will display the design on a banner bearing the words 'Tamhlacht le Cheile' above the main stage of Tallafest June 24th 2017.

Pemission To Use The Tallaght Unity Flag

 The Tallaght Historical Society welcomes and encourages the use of the Tallaght Unity Flag however if you wish to use the flag please observe the protocols listed below. Any deviation from these protocols must receive prior permission from the Tallaght Historical Society by emailing annehanrahan2001@yahoo.com.

  • In cases where the Unity Flag is displayed along with other flags of equal height, The Unity Flag can only be displayed in the place of honour (observer’s left) if An Bhratach Náisiúnta, the National Flag, is not also displayed.
  • Within the locality, the Unity Flag must be flown in the place of honour alongside flags of other cities, towns, boroughs, villages, education facilities, community groups and commercial organisations. It should be to the observer’s right of the European Flag and county council flags.
  • No flag or pennant should be flown above the National Flag and in all cases the National Flag should be in the place of honour. The Unity Flag must always be to the left (or an observer’s right) of the National Flag.
  • When the National Flag is flown at a building or entrance along with other flags of equal height, it should be first on the right (on an observer’s left).
  • When the Unity Flag has become worn or frayed it is no longer fit for display, and should not be used in any manner implying disrespect.  It should be destroyed or disposed of in a dignified way.
  • The flag should never be defaced by placing slogans, lettering, logos, pictures or emblems of any kind on it. Interfering with the integrity of its design is disrespectful. When the Unity Flag is being reproduced in printed or electronic format, the principles of respect apply.
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