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Save Sean Walsh Park

Sean Walsh Park  is Tallaght's only Green Flag Park. The proposal to build apartments in the confines of the park represents a threat to all public green spaces across South Dublin County. This  proposal threatens Sean Walsh Park in very particular ways.

  • Every inch of Sean Walsh Park is an Objective OS zoned area i.e. to preserve and provide for open space and recreational amenities (as set out in the SDCC Development Plan 2016-2022)

  •  We do not want to lose the SDCC depot as this will severely erode the ability to maintain the high standards within the park, thereby threatening our Green Flag status

  • We will lose the precious and unique urban farm. It has been delighting children and adults alike for more than seven years.

  • We will lose the socially inclusive community garden. The garden provides opportunities for people at risk of exclusion a social outlet, new learning experiences, physical activity, protecting mental health, building enthusiasm and self-esteem.

  • We will lose the St John of God garden that provides horticultural therapy for people with various disabilities.

  • The highly invasive and very damaging Giant Knotweed is present on the site. The proposal to move it is dangerous and reckless as Whitestown Stream runs parallel to the proposed building site. Water courses are ideal for spreading this highly destructive weed through wide swathes of Tallaght.

  •  We will lose the last remains of a 200 year old bridge that should be a protected structure.

The proposed development of apartments for older people on this particular site is also misguided in other ways.

Litter Mugs and SDCC depot staff
SDCC Depot Staff & Litter Mugs Celebrating
the Green Flag Award in Oct 2018

Putting old peoples homes beside Tallaght Stadium which hosts sporting events regularly and will host concerts represents extremely poor planning. The strong lights and loud noise can be very intrusive for current residents leaving nearby. The proposed apartments are just a hundred meters or so  away from the stadium.

During the staging of events in Tallaght Stadium emergency vehicles will face increased difficulties getting access to the old persons residences. By definition older people call upon emergency services more frequently and there could be more that 100 residents in this development.

The residents will have to navigate the extremely busy N81 to access buses, Luas, Pharmacies, Tallaght Hospital, Library, the Square etc.

There is at least one more appropriate site available in Tallaght for the proposed Cluid development that would not cause any of the foregoing problems and issues.

If you agree that Sean Walsh Park is the wrong place for these apartments please help by:

1) Signing our Online Petition and spreading it on social media.

2) Making a Submission to South Dublin County Council. You can send in a written submission or submit it online.

3) Downloading this offline petition and ask all of you family, friends and neighbours to sign. Only ask people that live in South County Dublin and those that are eligible to vote.